Just as washing hands with soap destroys viruses and bacteria on our skin, ErasaVir simulates the same action to destroy pathogens in our nose and throat using plant-based, food-grade fatty acids.

The active ingredient in ErasaVir works by destroying the lipid membrane of the enveloped pathogen on contact, thus destroying it.

Since ErasaVir’s active ingredients are derived from natural substances found in plants, they are not harsh like soaps and perfectly safe to ingest. ErasaVir works on all variants, mutations and alterations of these pathogens.

Nasal and Mouth Spray

ErasaVir is a daily hygiene platform that seeks to make life uninterrupted! ErasaVir nasal and mouth sprays are simple and convenient to use. You can use them daily, at your own convenience. It's best to use it more often if you have been in a crowded place like work, travel, gatherings, etc.

Similar to other daily hygiene habits like brushing teeth, washing hands or using mouthwash, ErasaVir acts as a health companion which rids your upper respiratory tract of pathogens which one might pick up while going about their lives. By inactivating these pathogens early, ErasaVir promises a safer and more secure way to go about our everyday routines.

kills multiple pathogens - like viruses and bacteria.
No adverse side-effects when used as directed
Cleans the Upper Respiratory Tract, ridding it of pathogens regularly
Convenient to carry and use
Infected users may shed fewer pathogens and protect those around them

Nasal Spray

  • Blow your nose slightly before using to clear out any mucous (if required)

  • Pump the spray once or twice to ensure that a mist is being released.

  • Press down one nostril and spray just outside the tip of the other (do not put the nozzle into your nose) pointing away from the centre of the nose(towards the outer wall) and breathe through your mouth while doing so.

  • Repeat in the other nostril.

  • Breathe normally through the mouth (DO NOT sniff/inhale from nose) Massage the nose lightly to spread the product well inside of your nose. Continue to breathe through your mouth while doing so.

  • After a few minutes you may blow your nose to clear any residual congestion.

Mouth Spray

  • Aim the spray towards the back of the throat.

  • Spray twice into your mouth.

  • Spread it around with your tongue to coat the entire surface area inside of the mouth.


  • Do not twist open the cap of the bottle. Avoid air exposure.

  • Shake both bottles well before using.

  • Consume the contents of the bottle within 60 days of first use.

  • Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

  • Use ErasaVir regularly and share this with your family and friends so that we may protect as many people as possible!


1What is in the box?

The combo pack contains:

1. Two bottles – a nasal spray and a mouth spray. Together they provide complete Upper Respiratory Protection (URT) protection. There are two ways respiratory pathogens enter our system; through the nose and the mouth. The nasal spray provides protection for the nasal route and the mouth spray for the oral route.

2. A welcome card with a QR code, which you can scan to visit our website.

3. A set of instructions.

2What evidence do you have that ErasaVir is effective?
Four decades of scientific literature forms the basis for the scientific rationale for ErasaVir. It has been extensively studied by ErasaVir’s scientific team, who have decades of experience in this area. That knowledge was moulded into a usable product which could upgrade our protection against enveloped pathogens. During almost 2 years of R&D work on ErasaVir, we conducted a number of studies at a United Nations affiliated BSL-3 lab on live SARS-CoV-2 viruses in-Vito and witnessed a 99%-100% kill rate of the virus with our initial active ingredient thereby validating our thesis. With the final product we observed 100% kill rate.
3Will ErasaVir protect me against the flu?
There is a strong scientific rationale, justification, as well as scientific literature that lead us to believe that ErasaVir could be effective against flu viruses. We are in the process of conducting detailed studies with live flu viruses.
4Is ErasaVir safe to use?
Yes, ErasaVir is safe to use as a daily companion. All the ingredients in ErasaVir have been proven to be safe and categorized as ‘Generally Recognized as Safe’ or ‘GRAS’ by the US FDA. ErasaVir has no adverse side-effects when used as recommended, is suitable for all age groups and is safe for everyone to use daily.
5Will I feel any discomfort when I use ErasaVir? Is it normal to feel a tinge post nasal spray?
The mouth spray is just like a breath freshener. it does not have any potential for irritation. Since the nasal passage is very sensitive, some users may experience some discomfort for a few minutes. However, if used as directed this should not persist. We are continuously collecting feedback to keep improving our users’ experience.
6Should I consult a doctor before using ErasaVir sprays?
Under normal circumstances you don't need to consult a doctor to use ErasaVir. However, if you have any conditions that you think you may need medical advice or if you have any allergic reaction then you should consult a doctor. No user of ErasaVir has reported any allergic reaction to ErasaVir.

Apart from pharmacies near you, ErasaVir is also available at